Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm not feeling it today!!!

I am overwhelmed with this book. The more I do it seems like the more I need to do. I realized that people have a lot of talk and no action. They use words to confuse you and it is another way they are lying. I'm trying to keep pushing but this self publishing is a new thing and is driving me crazy. Then I have been sick at home for the past 3 days, but I am feeling better, but I want a break from life. I am auditioning for Passion and Poetry on Saturday. This is a show for Joyce Latell an is sold out each year and I am speaking about my book at a brunch. Most people would think it is easy for me but it take everything I have to give my best and after I have given, there is no one to pour back in me. Yes, I feeling like I wish I had a life partner like Barack and Michelle, they give me so much power when I think about them an keep my hopes alive. Today is her birthday and I wish her the best!!! Please keep praying with me, I want to give up but if I do there really is nothing else to do, so lets see what happens!



Cliff said...

Chantell, keep the faith. Look within and find your strength. You did not get this far without inner strength. I have followed your blog without comment, but feel I need to reach out. Keep the faith, do not give up hope.

Aimee said...

Hello Chantell, this is Aimee Van Zandt from Maryland. We worked together some years ago. Keep your head up. Like yourself I am single and almost 40 but God and my family satisfies and fulfills my life. Allow God to be your all, your life, your love, your guide, your teacher, your friend, your agent, your publisher, your manager, your editor, your life partner and your mate until her reveals your earthly soulmate to you. He will fill you completely wtih his love, grace, power and might. He has already placed within you everything that you need to succeed. Plus you are already VICTORIOUS!

Much love and respect,