Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm not feeling it today!!!

I am overwhelmed with this book. The more I do it seems like the more I need to do. I realized that people have a lot of talk and no action. They use words to confuse you and it is another way they are lying. I'm trying to keep pushing but this self publishing is a new thing and is driving me crazy. Then I have been sick at home for the past 3 days, but I am feeling better, but I want a break from life. I am auditioning for Passion and Poetry on Saturday. This is a show for Joyce Latell an is sold out each year and I am speaking about my book at a brunch. Most people would think it is easy for me but it take everything I have to give my best and after I have given, there is no one to pour back in me. Yes, I feeling like I wish I had a life partner like Barack and Michelle, they give me so much power when I think about them an keep my hopes alive. Today is her birthday and I wish her the best!!! Please keep praying with me, I want to give up but if I do there really is nothing else to do, so lets see what happens!