Thursday, August 28, 2008

Excuse my mess I'm under construction!!!

Wow, for the last for weeks I have been working on a book and a play. Well, today I did a read through, and I thought it was the worst. My whole sprit was broken. Then someone said that it was great, and I just wondered if they even knew what "Great" work looked like. My editor, sent me back revisions of my first draft. She was very nice and encouraging, but she still needed more from me.

For some reason I have always thought that I could do it one time and it would be great. Well, welcome to the real world. I am so thankful for a friend who shared with me, that people can take up to a year to get the best book or play.

As I was entering this blog, I got a call from a friend and I shared with him how I was feeling. He then said, that I was a perfectionist, and I disagreed. I'm a person who wants to put out quality. It was just like the person who said that it was a great play. I would agree if it was someone who had not been trained and toured for over 12 years. I have a higher calling. My friend also mentioned that we all should strive for prefection, however take time to enjoy the journey and use it as a learning tool.

So I'm going to start to re write and set up a plan to just keep working.